Sunday, December 7, 2014

Avalanche Creek Gorge

A cascade in Avalanche Creek Gorge on the West side of Glacier National
Park.  Avalanche Creek feeds into Mineral Creek which then empties into
Lake McDonald.  The trail to Avalanche Lake is an easy to moderate trail
that winds through old growth cedar and hemlock trees near the trail head
and then follows Avalanche Creek, presenting a number of opportunities for
interesting photographs.  It’s a great warmup hike, especially if you’ve
just had a long day in the car.   The trail is easy, scenic, and close to
the West entrance to the park so it tends to be popular.  Parking and light
for photography are best early and late in the day.  Carrying Bear spray is
a necessary precaution when hiking anywhere in Glacier NP as there are many
bears (including Grizzlies) that make the Park their home.
Gill Photography, LLC 

(guest post - Thank you for sharing Dave!)