Saturday, September 27, 2014

Janisse Ray

Marty and I have attended an event over the years in New Bedford called Bioneers by the Bay. I usually discover after the fact that I've missed someone I would have loved to catch up with -- Ben Hewitt is one. Haven't checked into his blog for a while but I enjoy his writing and have read one of his books. Plus, he lives in the NEK of VT (also known as God's Country), is from the Rail City (St. Albans), and uses the expression "to be clear" so much that I find it him rather charming.

All this being said, decided to check into another favorite author's site, Janisse Ray (have read all her books that I can find), and -- woot woot! she's a keynote speaker at Bioneers this year! you can be sure I will track her down somehow. My girlfriend and I were talking the other day about our idea of celebrity -- we are nuts about certain writers. I sometimes feel like a groupie, haunting a particular writer's website or books for a fickle bit, but "Janisse"  is one of my perennials. I wonder if she'd like to pop over to the cape for a bit before or after her event?
Janisse Ray

Friday, September 5, 2014

Guest Post - Gill Photography, LLC

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are beginning to branch out beyond business/lingerie posts. Here is a post from  friend and fantastic professional photographer Dave Gill. Be sure to check out his site for much more!

Trail Ridge Road is one of Colorado’s most famous scenic roads, connects
Estes Park with Grand Lake, and reaches an elevation of 12,183 feet above

sea level.  This sunset was photographed from a spot well above timberline,

on June 2nd , the temperature was slightly below freezing, and the wind was

blowing at about 50 mph.  It’s always best always to be prepared for
‘interesting’ weather when you are in the mountains.

My favorite time for sunrise and sunset photography is as storms are either

moving in or breaking up and this sunset was no exception.  The smoke from a

forest fire burning west of Fort Collins contributed to the intensity of the

colors.  My wife, Anne, and I drove through the thunderstorm and got to the
spot where we planned to view the sunset before the colors developed, set up
our cameras and waited to see what it would look like.  Many times a storm
doesn’t cooperate and the sunset is either behind clouds or doesn’t develop
into something spectacular, but this was one of the times that all of the
elements came together.

 Gill Photography, LLC