Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two Isn't Always Better Than One

        We tend to avoid buying short run or seasonal two-piece lingerie matching sets, and when we do we pair them up in a single purchase set - for example pairing a size medium cami with a size medium panty.  And we generally avoid bra-sized two-piece sets entirely.  Otherwise, we end up with odd-sized leftovers that can't be paired together.  We run into a similar problem with vintage two -piece items. We'll come across a great vintage two-piece swimsuit, only to find that the top is way too small or vise versa.  In the swimsuit shown here, the waist is about a 30 and the bra (not shown) band is about a 32.  We've run into this problem often with vintage two piece bathing suits and they end up sitting for months, even years on our vintage clothing site.  Just one more frustration when searching for good vintage  items.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Berkshire Concealer Firm All The Way Pantyhose, Style 5052

There's the perception amongst some  that the only people still wearing sheer pantyhose nowadays are bank robbers. This is simply not the case. While they aren't nearly as popular as they were in the 70's  and 80's, they are still worn regularly by many professionals and executives, especially in more urban areas.  You might think that they would be more popular in cold weather regions, but given that offices are rarely without air conditioning, there doesn't seem to be any regional trends. However this is a mere observation based on our sales. There are still many styles  available to suit almost any need (sheer-to-the-waist, compression, control top, etc.) and of course shades galore. Shown here is the Berkshire Concealer Firm All The Way Pantyhose. With graduated compression, these firm control pantyhose will firm your tummy, thighs, behind and legs.
 Berkshire Control Top Pantyhose

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rago Shapette Long Leg Panty Girdle, Style 679

The Rago Shapette 679 Long Leg Panty Girdle is a firm-control thigh shaper. As with most Rago products, it is a very lightweight garment given its shaping ability. Rather than using heavier material, it relies on sheer powernet along with unique shaping bands (inside sewn, so they don't show through) and a rigid nylon tummy panel for firm shaping. It's always surprising how much intricate sewing/detail goes into most Rago products, especially since they're made here in the USA and  moderately priced. This particular girdle also includes detachable garters for use with nylon stockings.
Rago Shapette Long Leg Panty Girdle, Style 679

Monday, September 16, 2013

Triolet Full-Cut Lace Panty

The Triolet Lace Full-Cut Panty has a classic/retro style to it. The fabric (nylon/spandex with a cotton-lined crotch) is sheer lace. As it's made by Triolet in Belgium,  you can expect it to be well-made and comfortable. It comes in black or white.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Timeless Styles

Some lingerie styles are timeless due to their comfort and fit.  Shown here is the Berlei B512 Classic Cotton Bra and the Silhouette Little X Open Bottom Girdle. Both of these UK-based companies have been around forever - Silhouette for over a century and Berlei (founded in Australia) not far behind. These two particular styles have been around for decades - why mess with success!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Elila Sports Bra, Style 1620

Yes, Elila makes sports bras too. If you have a fuller figure and can't find a quality sports bra, you've come to the right place. Shown here is style 1620. Sizes start at 36DD and go up to 46H. Read more here:
Elila Sports Bra, Style 1620