Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Really Old House

Time to get down and dirty. While our elderly, soon- (I'm being optimistic here) to-be home still is without heat, the weather is now warm enough (above freezing) to get back to work. The plumber made good progress on what will possibly be the world's smallest full bath. The house came with only an upstairs bathroom which has a tub but no shower. The tub is up against an  eave, as forget about putting a shower  there.  Anyway, there was a small utility closet off the kitchen (with a chimney running through it) and the plumber thought that it would be big enough for a full bath. It seems like it'll work, although there'll be barely enough room to turn around in. The shower stall is probably larger than the whole rest of the bathroom. In the picture, you can see the shower stall and the toilet drain. To the left of the chimney, you can see the drain pipe where the "micro-sink" will be going.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Triolet Side Zip High Waist Open Bottom Girdle

This is a beautiful, classic high-waist open bottom girdle. It features an unusual full-length side zipper, lined with hooks and eyes underneath, making this girdle very easy to get on and off. It will actually unzip completely. Other prominent features include beautiful lace rigid-nylon shaping panels in front and shaping bands that wrap along to the sides. The back is sheer powernet. The four garters (suspenders) are adjustable and detachable. Four bones - two short ones in front, two half length ones on the sides - to prevent waist rollover and enhance shaping. Moderate to firm control. From Brabarella Lingerie