Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Season

I know the wedding season is actually year-round but it does heat up as summer approaches -- I believe I read somewhere that June is still the most popular month for brides. There are probably several things that get overlooked in the planning and time shuffle,and one of the most important is the shape wear. That's right, because you can't feel good without a good foundation. We have had so many brides, mothers of the bride, bridal party members and so on call us the week of the wedding (sometimes even a couple of days before!) to order their lingerie. I do wish it were that simple, but it's not. The time to get your shape wear is when you're picking out what you're wearing. Will you need one piece, two pieces, backless, strapless? Are you short-waisted? Most likely you'll want two pieces rather than a one-piece. A longline bra, bustier, corsolette, body briefer? Many questions, many answers and the only way to know what pieces will work under your garment is to have your undergarments available when fitting yourself for your wedding outfits. And what if you gain or lose weight? Yep, another consideration to ponder. Needless to say, please don't let your intimate apparel be a last-minute afterthought. There is nothing worse than telling someone that we can't meet their timeline for a special occasion (this goes for proms too as prom season is lapping at our heels). Shape wear tends to be a special order class of its own, and ordering on a Thursday for a Saturday event does not make for a stress-free experience. Allow yourself plenty of time to coordinate the right shape wear for your special occasion garment. When you're comfortable it shows and makes for an all around happier occasion! And congratulations!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blush Lingerie

We love Blush Lingerie and will be adding more lines in the coming months. Blush is another Montreal-based company, along with Grenier, Arianne and Montelle. Great companies and great products all!!! Shown here is the Sweetest Sin Chemise.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Marty here. Patricia finished re-doing Brabarella, now we just have a bunch of clean-up work to do on individual pages, including updating many of the pictures. We will be adding new lines and styles soon. We will also be re-doing our vintage site - Little Pink Dress. There have been complaints about the two sites having separate shopping carts and not being able to combine orders. And the LPD cart does not accommodate international customers. This will be remedied, as we will be using the same cart that we use on Brabarella. We will also be updating LPD. We never seem to have time to add new vintage items. We have a ton of stuff that we could add, and have even already photographed many items. It's just that Brabarella takes up more and more of our time. That's a good thing, but we also love the vintage - it's what got us started in the first place. We'll get it figured out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Granny Style

Granny style continues to be chic (and classic -- we all know classic is timeless, aka "knows no age"), and the latest granny trend to hit the scene is granny panties! My favorites are my plain silk ones from Mary Green (I am a sucker for Mary's color sense -- brilliant, vivacious, vavavavoom) as I am not a lacy sort of girl, but we do feature her retro panties (as seen in O, Oprah!), as well as some lovely designs from Rago and Grenier. Even Elila has some rather cheeky grannies although I'm not sure Granny would approve (but then again, who knows, my granny and Marty's did have a houseful of kids)!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Elila Bras

I found myself taking a closer look at the Elila bra line after reading "Busted!" Ellen Jacobson, co-founder and president of the company, was referenced a few times throughout the book and I felt almost like I knew her, partly because we've carried her bra line for years so there was that"six degree of separation" thing going on. But also because she struck me as personable and approachable and I admire that in a person, especially someone as busy as she must be. I also find it cool that her grandmother was in the bra business as a founder of The Goddess Bra Company, and that Ellen is pretty much following in her gran's footsteps. Given her lineage and work history, it's not surprising that Ellen is a wealth of information.

Another chapter in her story is the time she spent learning the construction and design techniques of bras before ultimately launching the Elila brand. She tuned in to what was lacking in the market -- a recognition that most fashion caters to the average woman but feminine, well-constructed design choices were scarce for the full figured customer. Thus Elila was born to meet that need -- beautiful, functional, fashion forward bras for the not-so-average woman.