Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All in the Family, or "take care of your girls"

Our girl Molly's a recent college grad and in the current economy, it's been tough for kids to find jobs, let alone seasoned careerists. (Reminds me of my own post-college attempt to enter the job market during the Reagan regime -- not easy). The girl's a worker though and in between internships and waitress work, she applied for jobs like mad, and it paid off a bit before Christmas -- with an awesome job she loves, in of all things -- yes! -- the lingerie industry.

She began in January and I don't think she'd been with the company a month before she stayed with us one night on her way to one of her accounts. While here, she noticed a book Marty had bought a few months prior, one I'd been ignoring but planning on getting around to. Ali Cudby's Busted!

Molly read it overnight and was raving about it to me -- "Mom, you've gotta read this book. Wearing the right sized bra will change your life. It'll change mine, no more shoulder pain, look better, feel better...most of us are wearing the wrong size." So, I finally got around to reading it, and Amanda at Silhouette over in England was right about my correct bra size (she says she can tell a person's bra size just by looking at them)!

There's a lot of information out there on the internet as to how to fit for a bra -- even manufacturers have info on their sites...BUT...they are not necessarily correct.

Ali is your absolute go to person for fitting and while there are also expert bra fitters out there in the retail world, fitting is more of an art than a science and not all have been trained properly.

Her book is an easy, quick read, almost like a conversation with girlfriends. I'm in the process of writing out our own Brabarella fit guide based on Ali's recommendations, but in the meantime, before you buy another bra, buy Ali's book or check her website for her fit guide. But I highly recommend her book -- for small change and increased well-being it is well worth the investment in yourself. And if you're still stuck with fitting questions, call us, ask for Patricia and I will talk you through it (sorry, gents, I'll only talk to the ladies!). But have your tape measure (in good condition, naturally) ready!