Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes to Cape Wind!!!!

 Marty here. A great day for Cape Cod. Interior Secretary Salazar approved the Cape Wind Farm. It has been a long time coming. It’s unusual to use   “Cape Cod” and the word “progressive” in the same sentence, but we can in this instance. Over in Europe wind power is old hat. But for here, hopefully this is just the beginning of harnessing mother nature’s natural forces rather than her natural resources for at least a portion of our energy needs. Much of the funding for the opposition to the wind farm has come from wealthy shoreline property owners, including some with ties to fossil fuel resources. These are some of the same people who have torn down quaint cottages and homes and put up huge trophy homes along the shore  - homes that are used a couple of months out of the whole year.
         When I get to the beach at the end of my street I will have a view of the wind farm. It doesn’t bother me one bit. What does bother me is that I can only walk a few hundred feet along the shore in either direction before seeing “no trespassing” signs. Yes, they’ve taken away the ocean front property, then the shoreline, and now they wanted an unobstructed view of Nantucket Sound.  They also suckered many other people into their way of thinking.  Fortunately the majority view has prevailed over greed and naiveté.
(photo from Huffington Post)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ohio River Pottery

Along with some good bike rides last week, Marty and I did some good thrifting, too. I swear, the Methodist Church has the best thrift shops -- incredible finds, many vintage goodies, and reasonable prices. I could give you the lowdown on which denominations charge ridiculous prices for their donated goods (not necessarily in impeccable condition either), but I won't. We found four gorgeous bowls in perfect condition for 2 bucks. They're from Royal China out of Sebring, Ohio (mid-century pottery finds seem to originate from Ohio), and it's a pattern called Star Glow. I'm slowly replacing our mismatched vintage dishware with finds that are in a creamy porcelain color family. Found some Homer Laughlin salad bowl plates last weekend at the swap shop. To more finds at this weekend's rummage sales!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trade Show

      We went to an apparel trade show last week. Trade shows provide a chance to catch to our sales reps in-person rather than by email or phone. They also allow us to preview new styles (fall 2010) and select current lines. As I mentioned last week with the Falke catalog, the choices in styles and colors can be overwhelming.
     This is Ellen, our sales rep for Arianne, as well as several other lines. Ellen is invaluable for making recommendations, showing us newly released styles, and even new manufacturers. In fact, we identified three new lines that we plan on carrying by this fall. So stay tuned!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bicycling on the Rail Trail

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, but today was another lovely spring day on Cape Cod. Marty and I took to the Rail Trail for the second time this week, starting in Brewster and bicycling back to Harwich.  We have mixed feelings regarding rail trails – rail is a much more efficient and environmentally –friendly way of shipping goods and people. We hate to see rail ripped up, but if it must happen, then this is the best use of the right-of-way. Leisurely bicycling past woodlands, cranberry bogs and ponds is very therapeutic and of course great exercise.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thrifting and Rummaging

We don’t do nearly the treasure hunting that we used to when Little Pink Dress was our primary endeavor but lately we’ve been thrifting again. The cape has a gazillion thrift shops and now it’s spring rummage sale season at the local churches. The two we went to today were smaller and more disappointing than in past years. Now that more folks are on the vintage bandwagon, its harder to score quality knock-your-socks-off vintage apparel. Since it’s no longer our primary business venture, thrifting and the thrill of the hunt have become fun again. It’s something to look forward to. There’s another rummage sale tomorrow (went there today too, but it was the wrong day), a new one to us, so we’re hoping we just might get lucky. (shown in the picture is a recent thrift find).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating Out

Marty and I went out to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Red Pheasant. They always have a game choice on the menu (everything from elk to quail). It's peaceful and romantic spot, always smells good from a fire in the fireplace or just plain good cooking. They use locally grown produce, including their own herbs from the beautiful gardens out back. I believe their daughter (the Atwood's are the owners) has painted some of the murals that adorn the walls. People rarely dress up for a dinner out here on the cape, and while I am the queen of casual, there are times when a bit more effort is called for. Marty took photos of me in a couple different Ann Taylor dresses we'd picked up at a thrift shop in Eastham a couple of weeks ago (Berkshire 1579 Fantasy Black stockings). While I love the first one, the second one was more comfy, so keep an eye out for the tunic-style dress showing up on the Little Pink Dress site.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


The sky is finally cracking some blue today but mostly it's been gray and chill this weekend. We did get out yesterday though, to a favorite local restaurant, called Wicked. We've been a few times and I particularly love their salads and cornmeal encrusted calamari. Tasty pizzas, too. Too many televisions (one at each booth and several around the cavernous room), but otherwise it's a fun place to go -- with a slightly cosmopolitan feel. When the bridge isn't an option, it's one of the Cape Cod places to hang out where you can feel like you did make it over the bridge.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think it's Friendly's that we always ordered the fishwiches from -- McDonald's is Filet o' Fish, isn't it? I looked on the Friendly's site and I'm not sure they even have fishwiches anymore.

Lent's over, but I'm still trying to stick to the old ritual "no meat on Fridays" from my Catholic childhood. You know, the funny thing is, I feel like everything I write here I've shared before, but if I've already forgotten all about it, then hopefully you have too. Piewacket's fishy post from the other day inspired me to share mine. Her photo's also much yummier and prettier than the one I found, and her spicy tartar sauce recipe has made my "must try" list. I basically do the same fish sandwich as Pie only I use Trader Joe's frozen fish filets (the regular old square ones or the Panko-crusted Tilapia). And we have TJ's sweet potato fries on the side. SOOOO good! Trader's also sells fish nuggets that I've used in fish tacos with homemade tortillas, locally made in Providence and sold at the Farmer's Market through Narragansett Creamery. I like semi-homemade; it works for me! Not quite total convenience but pretty close and it beats take-out flavor and prices.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choices, Choices

Marty received a new Falke Hosiery catalog yesterday. Almost 200 pages. Loads of items I’d love to have for the site, but you can’t have them all. The problem with these manufacturer's catalogs is you don’t know where to start. Sometimes you’ll spend hours, days actually, narrowing down your choices and then coming up with a final list of what to order….only to find out that some items are out of stock or not yet available, or even no longer available. This is the frustrating part, especially if  a “must have” product is not readily available.
Speaking of new products, we’re always open to suggestions. If there are products that you’d like for us to carry, let us know.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weather or Not and Irish Gab

I had an aha! moment yesterday when I read Anjelica Huston's quote yesterday about the weather. Turns out it's the same magazine my dad won his free trip from. When he first sent the email a few months ago with the headline "Irish Sweepstakes Winner," I thought it was one of his jokes. He happened to be over for a visit when he asked me if I'd read it yet. I said "No, Dad, I thought it was one of your jokes pretending I had won a trip or something." Turns out it wasn't, and he told me to disregard the war hero stuff. But when I read stories about Khe Sanh, it's hard to disregard, you know? So go ahead, when you have nothing else to talk about, talk about the weather...see the stories it can lead to?

“If you really want to talk about something, roll down the window and talk about the weather. You can talk to an Irishman about the weather for close to two hours. And they will never stop a conversation, which is wonderful, you know. It’s the greatest. I love it. I’m hoping to go back there and talk about the weather myself soon.”
- Anjelica Huston, actress May 1986/September 1991

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Berkshire High Waist Shaper

The Berkshire 3049 Ultimate High Waist Shaper without Hose is a lightweight moderate control hosiery-based shaper. As the name signifies, it is not pantyhose but is a shaper. It can help restore some of your curves, from above the waist through your thighs. It's great for summer wear, when you need a little shaping but want something very lightweight. No panty lines either. Even better is the price. At $9.00 you can't go wrong!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vive La France!

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Yay for French Elle and hence my Vive La France title (I love saying that anyway -- Vive La France! -- something about the way it rolls off the tongue and the surge of affection and hope that it inspires). We here at Brabarella are all about positive body image, regardless of size, proportions, age, color and so on. Needless to say I was thrilled to have stumbled upon the link to French Elle from this blog. Vive la France!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rago Satin Waist Cincher

You have to love this little waist cincher from Rago. It's a shame to have to cover it up. It has a hook/eye front and comes in sizes small (26" waist) to 2X (34" waist). You can't beat the price either. The MSRP is $49.00 and our price is $36.00.
Rago 825 Satin Waist Cincher

Monday, April 5, 2010


Marty and I have recently begun watching Mad Men  (we went back to the first season via library DVD's). I tend to resist contemporary television for whatever reason, but I'm stuck on this show. It's that good! Character development -- check. Plot -- check. Set Design -- check . Costuming (they use Rago undergarments -- girdles, long line bras, etc.) -- check. Hair and makeup -- check. Props -- check. Those props are perhaps that's one reason I like it -- the sense memory triggers. In this instance -- visual.

The Saccharin bottle on the table in one episode. All of a sudden, I was back at my Irish grandmother's house and there was a Saccharin bottle on the kitchen table. She was diabetic and used it religiously in her tea (I can't remember if she drank much coffee). It looked like a clear aspirin bottle filled with tiny aspirins, only they weren't aspirins. They were the bittersweet saccharin pills popular with diabetics and calorie-watchers. (I tried one once -- I think aspirin might possibly be tastier). The saccharin memory prompted another forgotten memory -- that of the large Nabisco box of assorted cookies -- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cream wafers, Oreos, Vienna fingers, Lorna Doone's (!) and more. Cookies we didn't have at my house, so these cookies were a huge treat I looked forward to when visiting Gram. I could always count on her to have a good stash of cookies, what with 6 sons and 23 grandchildren stopping by regularly, we were the ready excuse to always have cookies on hand, the cookies she loved to sneak with her saccharin-laced tea.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Girdle Spray

Ever wonder how women of the 50’s and 60’s managed to wiggle into their girdles every day? Well, here’s one solution that they had available. It’s a spray-on powder. It’s called “Powder Up! For Girdles, formerly Girdle Fresh”, and to quote the can “An antiseptic deodorant powder – anti-chafing and skin softening to ease you into your girdle.” We picked this can up while thrifting several years ago. I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s pre-zip code (New York 16, N.Y) so it’s sometime before 1964. This was made by Andre Richard Co., Fifth Ave.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Pants Subway Ride

This is for all you folks out there who want to live out loud, maybe live with a little more gusto, perhaps consider a get together with your best pals for the next No Pants Subway Ride. And when you do, make sure to shop at Brabarella for your most fashionable undies. Gentlemen, you too -- we can always special order for you!