Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This post is for my friend Kesley. She's caught the reading bug. It never occurred to me until recently that there are some folks who are latecomers to reading -- I say "better late than never."
I have always been a bookworm -- I read constantly and go to the library regularly. Oh, and I've worked in libraries off and on for a number of years.

I love books, what more can I say? The thought of the printed page becoming obsolete is not something I like to consider.

So on to two fiction authors I've always enjoyed -- I rarely read fiction any more but when I do, I like good storytelling (same with nonfiction, for that matter), and these two women are superb -- Louise Erdrich and Toni Morrison. Yes, they have made the bestseller lists and no, I am not a bestseller fan; however, they write beautiful prose. I recommend you start with The Beet Queen and Song of Solomon, then read everything else they've written (because you'll want to once you read one).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

About time for another Weather Post

It's monsoon season here on the cape -- I drove back in drizzle all the way from Western Mass, only to hit a downpour on the Mid-Cape, complete with wild winds, buckets of rain hitting the windshield and typical Mass drivers flying along regardless. My dad would be one of them. Me, I channel Evelyn and adjust my speed limit. I'm just not into hydroplaning. If I wanted a pilot's license, I'd fly a real plane.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

History, Herstory, Your Story, My Story, Our Story

Went through family memorabilia with my dad last week before he put my parents' house on the market.

I feel lucky to be going through it while my parents are still alive. It was pretty cool finding the baby book my mother kept for me when I was born. She was amazing at keeping records from my first tooth to first step to first lock of hair.

She kept my bracelets, got autographs from the nurse and doctor and kept her special dinner menu -- she had filet mignon and she even kept the red plastic stick they put in it (she likes her beef rare)!

I am looking forward to scanning some of the mementos. There was just so much history, and I realized it's much bigger than me or any individual, it's all of us. And it's not about the house or even the stuff but the memories inside of us that they trigger when we search -- my father's collar stays, a photograph of him with his five brothers, his film from Vietnam, my mother's yearbook and boxes of cards, letters and more from my sisters and me. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be -- and it's pretty easy to figure out the stuff that matters and what to let go of.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flower Bali Review

The Flower Bali bra has been around for years and was always my favorite for years. I don't know why I ever left it. It's a great bra, smooth cups under tee shirts, pretty, durable, comfortable and great support. It's a classic and for well-endowed women I consider it one of the best bras for support. It washes well and lasts for a good length of time. (This is if you launder it in a net bag in the wash and then line dry). It's an incredible value.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Clearing Clutter

Marty and I are doing some clutter busting. My sister-in-law got me started a few years ago and I made huge progress with personal files a couple of Septembers ago when Molly was off to her first year in college.

Some favorite books include Julie Morgenstern's Organizing from the Inside Out and Kolberg and Nadeau's ADD-Friendly ways to Organize Your Life. Both books keep it simple and very clear, highly recommended, otherwise organizing can become overwhelming. Right now I'm reading Peter Walsh's "It's All Too Much," and I am liking it so far. My biggest struggles are with sentimental attachment to memorabilia (boxes of it), and "string too short to be saved" that I save anyway, because you just never know (especially if you're the creative type).

**image from

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yep, it was my big day this week. My "birfday" as it's pronounced in Bawlmerese (Baltimore-ese for those of you unfamiliar). Got a card from Cafe Hon for a free dinner but I won't be back in Baltimore for a few more months. We went to Wicked for dinner. Here in Massachusetts it's common for people to say things like, "wicked good, wicked cool, wicked rainy," and so on. I had a wicked good birfday.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Marty and I are clearing space. Getting rid of stuff so energy can flow more freely around here. This pasty weekend we made a lot of progress in two rooms downstairs and hauled off a pile of books to the swap shop. And wouldn't you know it? I found a vintage classic vegetarian cookbook, Vegetarian Epicure, in excellent condition. Naturally, I brought it home for my cookbook collection. The recipes are simple, heavy on dairy (as this is from the 1970's), using ingredients easily found. We both enjoy food and I like basic cookbooks, especially the classics, such as Joy of Cooking and my Betty Crocker. I remember trying to follow the old Fanny Farmer cookbook years ago (my friends had that one), but those recipes were written in the old style, that is to say measurements that were not the cup and spoon fractions I understood.

**Image sources: Betty Crocker from, Vegetarian Epicure from

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Marty here.
We had a really enjoyable and relaxing long weekend in Upstate New York - thank-you Mary and Ed! Besides just relaxing, we went to the New York State Fair, visited the Herkimer Diamond Mines and traveled the countryside. We did take pictures, but haven't had time to look at them yet, as we came home and had to hit the ground running.
Today we managed to get up the index page for Little Pink Dress. We still have a long way to go on that though.
One thing we wanted to bring up here is that we respond to EVERY email that we receive and EVERY order that we get in. If you have emailed us and have not received a reply, please check your junk mail filter or your email settings. Don't hesitate to call us either (508-775-2226)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

State Fair Time

I love state fairs, particularly the agricultural fairs of northern New England. They don't have to be big, but they have to have what I go to state fairs for -- the competitions -- livestock, baked goods, jams, horticulture, arm wrestling, forgotten arts. I have heard New York State has one of the best and this week I'll be lucky enough to find out for myself. Hopefully, we'll remember camera and camcorder.

* the pic above is from the NYS Fair site -- it was a toss between him and the bellydancers (If Marty were doing this post, what pic do you think he would've chosen? ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Pink Dress

If you check out our site on a regular basis, you've noticed that our scant vintage sections are just about gone. They were remnants of our Little Pink Dress site, a site which at one point had over 1000 items for sale and was one of BUST magazine's top ten vintage sites. Well, we are going to revive the site, although it will be smaller than before. Our goal is to have it up and running by late fall. Right now we're ahead of schedule in some aspects, but that can change in a hurry. Since we've always used live models, lining them up can slow things down. We'll also be trying a new shopping cart system. Stay tuned.....