Friday, June 5, 2009

Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Girdles

The girdle is probably the most misunderstood undergarment. The name itself had become devalued over the years to the point where some couldn’t even utter the word, referring to it as the “G-word,” and manufacturers created new words to replace it, such as long leg shaper, control brief, body briefer, thigh shaper, controller, etc. The popularity of Spanx has allowed the g-word to come out of the closet and it’s becoming a more common word again, especially with the over 50 and under 25 crowd. Over the years the most common complaint about girdles was how uncomfortable they were. Those complaints can exist today also. From our perspective, our biggest complaint about those who complain about girdles is that the same selectivity that is given to bras is not afforded the girdle. We don’t typically say “this bra’s wicked tight, I’m just not going to wear one.” We work at finding one that suits our need. It may take some time, as well as trial and error, but we ultimately find a good fit. Shapewear is no different.

Finding a Fitting Fit
No two bodies are exactly alike, and we all have different tolerance levels. I’m often asked for recommendations. I can sometimes make recommendations based on what the customer has worn in the past, what their measurements are, what feedback we’ve received from customers, and my own personal opinions. I do see a lot of mis-information out there. One common comment I’ve read on blogs and forums is that a girdle just re-distributes the fat – like pinching a long balloon in the middle and seeing either end get larger. It’s often referred to as a “muffin-top.” More accurately, it should be referred to as an ill-fitting girdle. A properly fitted girdle does not redistribute fat. We’ve all stood in front of a mirror and looked at our bodies. Invariably we suck in our stomach to make us look better. When we do so, where does the “fat” go? In! A properly fitted girdle does the same thing, with much less effort. If your shapewear creates a muffin top, it’s because 1. The girdle is too tight; 2. The rise isn’t high enough; or 3. a combination of one and two. Torso length is often overlooked when it comes to girdle fitting. If a waistline girdle is too high, you will likely get roll-over, as this type of girdle typically does not have boning in the waist area. Back in the 50’s and 60’s many girdle styles came in different torso lengths. This is much less common today, so you have to be more discerning. We received a funny email from a customer recently, complaining about the Cortland 5041 girdle, one of our most popular girdles both in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. She said that she ordered a waistline girdle (which the 5041 is), not a hip hugger and that we misrepresented the girdle in our write-up. Well, obviously this person has a very long torso and is not well suited to this style (BTW, we do not list all long torso styles, so if you need help, just call or email). Brabarella Lingerie

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