Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping for Socks

We went shopping yesterday. Actually it’s called “buying”, but whatever. There was a local trade show and we specifically went to meet with the sales rep for E.G Smith. We haven’t bought any socks from Smith since 2006. They kind of fell off the radar and we’ve been more focused on shapewear, bras and such. Now is the time that we want to begin slowly adding socks to our offerings, starting with over-the-knee and knee-high socks. The problem with going to a show like this is deciding what to order. There is so much to choose from! Besides EG Smith we’re planning on adding selections from b.ella, Nouvella and Sox Trot. At this point we’re planning for fall. With intimate apparel, there’s much less of a focus on “seasons” as compared to all other types of apparel, but socks and hosiery are “exposed” items, so we have to plan ahead. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glory Days

I am getting spoiled with the recent bout of sunny and fairly warm weather lately. Open door days. Nature's first green is gold days (Robert Frost was right). I've been toodling around the cape, stopping at thrift shops and coffee shops, trying different teas, admiring babies and blossoms, actually taking pictures, and so on. I am realizing the older I get I want sun and warmth. Not blazing hot and muggy, mind you, but temperate. Between 60 and 80 degrees is fine, thank you very much, with little to no humidity. Hard to find I think. And would it possibly become monotonous, day after day of such glorious weather? Hmmmm. Good question. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Dog Night

The other night I woke up thinking of the song "Pieces of April," a popular prom theme in the 70's. That got me to thinking about the band Three Dog Night, whose song it was. Which got me to thinking, exactly what is a three dog night? Where did that name come from? What does it mean?

I was telling Marty about it this morning and he said, "Oh, I know what that means. It's a super cold night when an Aborigine needs three dogs to huddle with for warmth." Makes sense. I learn something every day. Here all I could think of the other night when I wondered about it was, "Geez, it would sure be an exhausting night if it meant hanging out with three dogs like my Joe."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunny and Warm

Marty here. It was a beautiful weekend here on Cape Cod. It hit 84 degrees today, probably a record. We planted a lot of flowers including Lupines, Snapdragons, Petunias, and Dusty Millers. We’re also moving some things around including Irises and Tiger Lilies. We also watched the NFL Draft, Red Sox/Yankees (watching the third game as I write this) , and did our usual errands. Great weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bullet and Bulletproof Bras

There are advantages and disadvantages to wearing an underwire bra versus a softcup bra, but one unforeseen advantage of an underwire is apparently the ability to catch and deflect stray bullets. Here's a story from Detroit:


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crown Girdlette, Style 1011/9011

This popular little number is a cross between a garter belt and an open bottom girdle. It has a lastex tummy panel and a nylon/lycra lace powernet body. The four suspenders are adjustable for a perfect stocking fitting. On a side note, and this issue has come up on several occasions, you do not use thigh high (or “stay ups”) stockings with torsolettes, garter belts or garter girdles. Thigh hi’s are designed to stay up on their own. Even if you could clip a garter to a thigh hi (a daunting task given the thickness – but a few customers have tried) it will not feel or look right. Nylon stockings (or garter stockings) are the stockings you MUST use. Ok, lets get back to the Crown girdlette. It comes in two colors. White makes it ideal for wedding wear. Black, well, use your imagination. We generally have stock in sizes 28-40, sizing based on waist measurement in inches. However, if you have a larger waistline, we can order in sizes up to 54. Same low price - $24.00


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fig Newton

A lot of bloggers write about weight issues. Self-image issues. I say, "honey, love that fat." Because if it's not fat, it's your hair or your nose. Someday, it's gonna be wrinkles. I look at my skin and it's good skin as far as skin goes. But it's starting to crease. For the most part I'm okay with it. I've struggled with the weight issue (really a self-image issue) for most of my adult life. But in the grand scheme of numbers is 140 or 175 pounds really so much? 200 and over I suppose. But not if you're a taller woman from 5'7" to topping 6 feet. 5'3" like me, sure. It's a bit much. I'd look like a dumpling. One of those characters on the old fig newton commercials. You know the ones? The fig body with the spindly legs. But is that really so horrible? Being on a fig newton commercial? It's good money anyway. And then I could afford that diet Dan Marino's on. And switch to Nutrisystem commercials. But I'd sure miss my fig newtons.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Conversation

One of the best things about our business is the chance we get to chat with customers from all over. The phone comes in handy. I don't know how many times I've held up dinner for Marty because he's caught up in conversation with a customer. We love hearing about where you live, your stories, feedback and more. And of course, we're here to help you with your apparel needs. We have unlimited long distance too, so if phone charges prevent you from calling, please don't let them. We can always call you right back.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Irregular Baseball Uniforms?

Marty here. In the intimate apparel business, this is called an irregular. I'm not sure if the Washington Nationals are shopping at the local outlet mall or if someone just made a huge mistake and no one noticed until a few of the players stepped onto the field. How embarrassing though. The only thing more embarrassing is their record. The Nationals are 1-10. Washington deserves better.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

50-80% Off Closeout Sales

Check out our closeout sections under bras and shapewear. Items in these sections are 50-80% off MSRP. We’re de-emphasizing bridal wear, so if you’re a bride-to-be, you may just find the perfect bustier at a steal of a price. We aren’t eliminating bridal wear, just reducing the selection so that we don’t have styles competing against each other on the site. We also have everyday wear on closeout, so check that out also. Don’t look for many, if any other, current non-clearance items to be added to clearance. The good news is that all apparel on our site is under MSRP, many in the 20-30% off range, so it’s still a deal. Free shipping over $50.00 too. We will be adding quite a few one-off items, items that we’ve purchased from our vendors as samples but have chosen not to pursue inventory on. So you will be seeing those popping up periodically.



Friday, April 17, 2009

Bottled Water

It’s amazing how conditioned we’ve become paying for bottled water. Twenty or thirty years ago this was unheard of -Perrier maybe, but plain old water? If you’re on a town water supply and you’re already paying for town water, to go out and pay for more water in bottles starts to sound absurd. The only reason Marty and I have spring water in our household is because we get it for free at a local spring. Otherwise, we’d buy a filter for our tap and drink what we already pay for. When you think about the cost of bottled water service to a business, private businesses tend to cut this first. Not so with the Town of Barnstable. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not just our town either. My dad asked one of the town selectmen why town departments have bottled water service behind the counter while the public uses the fountains. His reply “oh, that doesn’t cost much.” How can that be? For the record, a Belmont Springs account in our area would average $31.00 per month for 4, 5 gallon jugs. Multiply that by all the town departments that pay for bottled water service. Then multiply THAT by all the towns across the state (and this means schools too – i.e. teacher lounges, offices and so on). Then multiply across all the states – and I think you start getting the idea. I can understand if the water in the drinking fountain is not fit to drink (or there are no fountains available) but if it is good enough for the taxpaying public, shouldn’t it also be good enough for our own public employees? Just asking.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love the concept of synchronicity. Serendipity, or what some people call “just coincidence.” Seemingly random connections between something I’ve thought of, talked about, read, seen, etc. that just makes me wonder sometimes – what if there is a connection?

For example, Tuesday was full of this. On our morning walk I talked with Marty about the Obamas dog (we walk past Debbie’s Petland every day), and how I thought it would’ve been nice if it was a mutt and a rescue at that. Later on I check out the headlines on comcast and what’s one of them? About whether or not the Obamas dog is a rescue.

Am pondering the rocks and cockle shells I collected from a Glandore (County Cork) shore years ago, thinking about my connection to my ancestral homeland, then read one of my regular blogs, Resurrection Fern, and see photos and words of Irish rocks from County Cork.

I went out that afternoon, driving around sort of aimlessly, longing for connection like when I was a kid. You know; people are around during the day, there’s a neighbor or someone you can grab a cup of coffee and a quick chat with. Remembered to check out the little Baptist Church Thrift Shop downtown (it’s only open seasonally), and who’s there? Sally Hill, an old neighbor from a long time ago, those old neighborhood days of the 60’s and 70’s.

So, back to my question – what if there is a connection? Or is it just coincidence? I like to think it’s something more, some sort of connection to a power greater than myself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grenier Glamour Full Slip, Style 800

We've been on the lookout for some stylish slips, so we were very pleased when Grenier came out with this full slip. Now it's not like those vintage slips that we sell elsewhere on our site, but it still serves the same purpose. This is a curve-hugging slip that's made from anti-static sensitive fabric, so the sparks that fly when you wear this will only be the result of others' reactions. Although it's body hugging, it's not a shaper. It is bra-sized 34-40, B-DD. It also has hidden inside hooks for use with a strapless bra. It would almost be a shame to have to cover this up with a dress. Hmmm......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend and All was Well

There’s nothing like a good weekend to carry you through the week. Because the week means work, we put a lot of stock into our weekends. Looking forward to adventures and renewal. Some weekends disappoint. Others don’t. This past weekend was one of them, one of the good ones.

I baked on Maundy Thursday, and saw my son Anthony play that night at Harry’s.

On Friday we went to Bridgewater , Wareham and Plymouth, and Molly came home for Easter. Marty and I reminisced about our devout relatives observing silence between noon and three on Good Friday – my Great Uncle Billy wouldn’t talk (so I’d pass him notes), and Marty's mother said the sun always went behind the clouds during that time (we both remembered it doing that).

Saturday was a nasty, windy day perfect for baking soda breads, prepping artichokes and doing laundry.

Sunday was a happy Easter, Latin Mass with an exquisite guest chorus from Falmouth, and turkey with the family – my parents, Marty, my sister, brother-in-law and nieces and my kids. It was good. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Time with people you love and share a story with, the one that becomes your history.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

For the Love of Diner Food

Marty here. Patricia and I went traveling about yesterday – a beautiful day, sunny and in the 60’s, unlike rainy today. We had lunch at My Sister & I Restaurant, which is a little diner in downtown Bridgewater. There is something about diner food that seems to fill this void, and it goes beyond hunger. Patricia calls it comfort food. Every once in a while we just crave it. This first happened to us in Ithaca a few years ago. After eating at some nice, fancy restaurants we both felt this craving for some “meat & potatoes.” We found the State Street Diner, and it was just the thing for us - turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bun, peas. The atmosphere in diners is usually interesting as well – many times they’re the local hangout for old-timers. Nowadays, everything is so fast food. Heck, we don’t even have time to go INTO the fast food restaurant anymore. We impatiently wait at the drive thru and get an egg sandwich with an egg that doesn’t really look like an egg, or a fish sandwich with a perfectly square piece of fish on a perfectly round bun. I was thinking about all this as I was sitting in the diner yesterday, eating a fish sandwich with a large filet of fish that was coming out of either side of the bun, with good old-fashioned french fries. All this for a similar price to one of the fast food places. All we lost was a little bit of time, but it was time well spent.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holiday Baking

Easter, glorious Easter. It has always been my favorite holiday. Today (Holy Thursday, the Last Supper) is the first time in years I’ve baked for the Easter holiday. I used to make Russian, Greek, Czech, Portuguese breads and hot cross buns when my kids were younger.

For some reason, I’m back into it. Maybe it’s going to Latin Masses or seeing the Passion Procession in New Bedford last Sunday. Wearing a veil to Mass and knowing my devout father wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face seeing me in a veil for the first time in years (decades actually and he didn’t recognize it as one from Europe he picked up for my mom in the 60’s). Maybe it was bringing home palms for the first time in years. Maybe it’s hearing about the garden of Gethsemane again. Or maybe it’s just the sun shining but whatever it is, it feels good to be baking Italian cookies and Irish soda breads for Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writing, Journalism and Stories

I exaggerated a little yesterday but for the sake of the story. Marty really doesn't watch any baseball game, except on opening day if the Sox aren't playing.

Otherwise, he pretty much only watches the Red Sox (even reruns -- no, just kidding, there I go exaggerating again). Got me to thinking though -- about writing a story or writing good journalism. There's very little good journalism anymore. The kind where the writer lets the truth and facts speak for themselves and trusts the audience to draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions. There's lots of writers out there, but are there any more journalists? I wonder.

Oh, and yes, we still do watch movies during baseball season. (But not as much -- that much is true!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Movies and Baseball

Movies? I can say goodbye to movie nights with Marty now that baseball season's started. He'll watch any baseball game regardless of who's playing. Red Sox are his faves though and guess what's on right now?

The pregame show for the Sox opening day game at Fenway. Yesterday was a wild, stormy day so they postponed the game until today. Not a problem for Marty though. He watched the Orioles (and I thought of my Baltimore family who are fans). Who was he rooting for? The Orioles of course. And this is a guy from New York who used to be a Yankees fan.

Weather this morning didn't look too promising for a Red Sox game yet again but you know what Mark Twain said about New England weather -- give it five minutes and it'll change.

So, here we are again, another baseball season -- I get this wee window of unlimited movie nights with him between football and baseball season. He'll watch basketball, never hockey (I used to love Hockey Night in Canada when I lived in Vermont), and I learn a lot about football and baseball. I've at least got all the gossip. Okay, gotta go (cuz I'm a secret fan too).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Round the Clock Girdle at the Top Pantyhose Update

We are finally beginning to receive stock of Round the Clock Girdle at the Top Pantyhose, Style 137. The sizes and colors available are noted on the web page, so you can just go ahead and order. Just don't wait too long. We're hoping that the chronic shortages are a thing of the past, but it may take a little time to get back to normal stock. Here's the link:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wild Goose Chase

Wild goose chase is an expression I hadn't thought about for a long time until yesterday. Why? Because Marty and I went on a wild goose chase. It is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

We were heading over to New Bedford to check out a possible studio space for me and on the way stopped for breakfast and then a Troll Bead trunk show. Before we left Marty wanted to look up directions to a post office on the way. I said don't bother, I'll ask when we get to How on Earth for breakfast. I did and the P.O. was an easy find up the street. Granted, Marty went flying by it, but that's another story (the "he's been driving in Massachusetts too long story").

He drove a little slower as we looked for Rogers Gallery and the trunk show. I was looking for a sign, Marty was looking for a line. He wasn't disappointed.

After we finished the trunk show and studio space errands, I said "let's go check out that big motorcycle place up in Plymouth." (Because he'd like a Honda or Kawasaki to get around locally and so far the errands were all about me). He said, "Do you know where it is?" to which I promptly replied "yes."

He then asked, "where?" to which I promptly replied, "I dunno. I mean I do. Sort of. Up in that industrial park area."

To make a long story short, we took a lovely gloomy day ride through gorgeous Carver cranberry country and on into Plymouth.

We missed the exit for the highway to get over to the industrial area so backtracked, jumped on the highway and got off at exit 7 for Route 44 (good thing we missed exit 6, since that was the one I thought we were supposed to take to the park).

Overshot the Route 44 exit to the industrial park so had to drive a ways back up into beautiful Carver so we could get off 44, turn around, get back on the route and get off at the exit. No problema.

Drove through the Industrial Park but no motorcycle place. Whoops. Drove home via scenic 3A. Marty looked up the motorcycle place in Plymouth (I still can't remember the name of it -- it will probably just always be "Big Motorcycle Place" to me). Now I know where it is. It's off Exit 4.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Play Ball!!!

Marty here. As an avid sports fan, February and March are a doldrums of sports activity. That finally changes this weekend. Not only is college basketball down to the final four, but the baseball season begins Sunday evening. Back when I was a kid I used to follow all four major sports, plus college football and basketball, golf, NASCAR and USAC racing. There were fewer teams back then and players didn’t move around as much as they do now. Teams were much easier to follow. Today I only really closely follow baseball and NFL football. I did watch more college football this past fall – if they ever had a playoff format it would become the most exciting sport in the country. But it’s not going to happen. Anyway, baseball is back, the NFL draft is coming up, and all is good sports-wise. Look for the Red Sox to go all the way this year….

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Talk about the Weather

Yep, when all else fails, we can talk about the weather. When I was at the sample counter in Trader Joe's the other day eating some baked stuffed pork chop and talking to John, the "chef du jour," what did we talk about? The weather of course. He asked me how I was and I said something about the weather in relation to how I was and that led to our conversation about how weather is always a good intro to conversation and a filler when you run out of things to say.

Then we started talking about it in terms of appreciating where we live -- he's from California and found three or four years of endlessly sunny days monotonous (the second year I lived in California it didn't rain once). On the other hand, we lived in Oceanside about an hour from beautiful Palomar and if we were missing New England a ride up to Palomar helped. To have the option of surfing (not that I've ever surfed but I did enjoy watching the surfers) for breakfast and sledding at lunch is pretty cool.

After that, we talked about snow and having lived in Vermont for almost 20 years, I said people down here (Cape Cod) really have no idea what a long, hard winter really is. And so our conversation could have continued because he's a talker and I'm a talker, but I still had groceries to do. And I mean how long CAN you talk about the weather? Actually, pretty long considering we also covered weather excitement such as hurricanes and blizzards and so on. I mean look at the news, when they run out of interesting topics, they are always looking for a good tornado or tsunami to report on (and they can keep that going for days, even weeks!), y' know ?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Berkshire Hose Without Toes

There are so many choices when it comes to nylon hosiery. With spring being here, one nice option is being able to wear hosiery but also being able to wear open toe heels and show off your painted toe nails. Berkshire has a couple of options here. The Berkshire Hose Without Toes Thigh Highs, Style 1375 and the Berkshire Hose Without Toes Control Top Pantyhose, Style 5115. Berkshire has been making quality hosiery for decades down in North Carolina and you just can’t beat the price -$6.00 for either style. You can check ‘em out here: