Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Once Creepiest Spot in America

Marty here. I blogged about Danver's State Hospital a couple of years ago as they were tearing most of it down and converting the rest into luxury condos. Another great American building gone. Pictures cannot capture what it was like when I first drove up to this gigantic abandoned building about 20 years ago. I didn't have my trusty Nikon with me at the time, but immediately went to Hunt's Drug Store (in reality it was a camera shop) to pick up some B/W infrared film with the intent of capturing some of the haunting nature of this castle-like fortress, a man-made hell on earth, high on a hill, surrounded by ancient trees and unnamed graves. I never made it back. This building has a very notorious past, an inhumane past with over-crowding, surgical experimentation and what we might today label "torture". Many lived and died here. Here are some pictures that aren't mine, ones that I used and credited before. I have to go back to see if I can find the photographers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bioneers By The Bay

Bioneers by the Bay weekend in New Bedford. Note that the band equipment is pedal-powered....also free hand-made and painted T-shirts...too much more to mention here....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

History Lesson

I have been reading Anne Lindbergh's Diaries and Letters about her life before and after Charles Lindbergh, who flew the first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927 and became an instant celebrity, an adventure hero(unlike celebrities of today - actors & sports figures).
I work part-time in an elders social club of sorts and one of our ladies is 90 today. She actually remembers going out to Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven, Massachusetts (home of FDR's Delano grandparents) when she was 8 - she watched with her family as Lindbergh flew overhead across the ocean - I cannot imagine how an historic moment such as that must have felt. What a rush! I had my own historic moment 25 years ago today with the birth of my first child. Perhaps that was my version of experiencing such a powerful historic moment as Dot did back in 1927.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arianne Leopard Print Cami

Arianne's Fall '08 collection is inspired by old Hollywood, sophisticated yet sexy. And animal prints are hotter than ever. The Arianne Betsy cami is made of an extra soft brushed nylon and is as comfy as it looks. It features a tiger-eye buckle, a slight flair at the hips and a higher neckline. We've just added this to our site and will be adding more stunning Arianne products in the coming weeks. Check out the Betsy Cami here:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vintage Lingerie - Olga French Curve Girdle

From 1954 - "French Curve. Slims tummy amazingly via inner featherstitched panels, leaves both legs free to stride, dance and play, sleeks and lifts hipline. Nylon power net in black or white, small to extra large $10. For store and free figure beauty booklet write Olga, Dept. G117, 7915 Haskell, Van Nuys, Cal. (pat.pend.)"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buying Vintage

Given the times, I think we're all looking for ways to save money, or at least get the most out of what we pay for. That's why you should consider going vintage the next time you're looking for a special piece or outfit. We have some vintage outerwear inventory left (see our site), and of course we have a large selection of vintage lingerie, but there are many other great sites out there where you can pick up a very special one of a kind dress, suit or accessory. The key to these sites is to visit them often, as you may not find anything the first try, but they usually update often. When you find something, grab it! We had many customers who would contact us AFTER a particular item sold, expressing disappointment that they hesitated too long. Here are some good sites:
Couture Allure
Dandelion Vintage
Tangerine Boutique
Hooked On Vintage
Vintage Vixen

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stadium Update - Tiger Stadium, Detroit

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about old stadiums being torn down. There is a last ditch effort in Detroit to save what's left of Tiger (Briggs Stadium to oldtimers) Stadium. I guess most of it has been torn down, but it was granted a temporary reprive. Here's the story in The Detroit News.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vintage Lingerie - Formfit Bras, 1954

From Life magazine:

"Your bustline is as individual as your fingerprints. That's why bras must be designed in so many styles -for the bra that's right for small, firm contours will be wrong for the full, less firm bustline. And there are dozens of variations through the A and D bust sizes.
" If you are one of the 47 out of every 100 not now satisfied, very likely your present bra does not fit you correctly. Yet you can experience the comfort and flattery of a perfectly fitting bra! For Life bras -available in every style -are designed by stylists who know a bra must fit you -you must not be uncomfortably molded to a bra!
"There's a Life Bra made to your own measurements in Formfit's wide, wide try a Life Bra next! At all better stores.
Life Hidden Strip No. stitched underbust. Sewn-in strips lift you to youthful beauty. Nylon taffeta and nylon lace. A, B, C. $4.00."
Formfit Company, 400 South Peoria Street, Chicago

Friday, October 3, 2008

First Take - Sarah Palin

I actually watched the debate last night rather than the baseball playoffs (the Redsox were off anyway) just to listen to Sarah Palin for the first time. Reviews have been fairly positive. I’m not really that impressed though, and I don’t believe it’s so much because I’m a Democrat, but for other reasons, including her language. Now I’m one to use slang or butcher up the English language on occasion. If you’ve read this or one of our other blogs, you know that words such as gosh, y’all, etc., are thrown in casually. It’s comfort language. But I’m not running for President (or VP) of the United States either. Sarah’s language is kinda (kind of) Bush-league, as in the Big W. I still think of the President of the United States as one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. I don’t want my President sounding like……me…….ya know? Eight years ago, when W showed up, a lot of us thought, “well, he really butchers up the English language and acts and sounds a little dim at times, but underneath he must be really sharp and calculating since he’s managed to become President.” Since we are now in puzzlement about how he got as far as he did with so little in the penthouse, we’re in our “won’t be fooled again” mode (disclaimer – I DID vote for Gore). And don’t compare W or Sarah to Bill Clinton. Clinton could be very casual, but once he was in front of a podium, he had great command of the language. As for the debate itself, no surprises…. well, maybe Sarah’s line referring to her and McCain as a “team of mavericks”…..huh?…….referring to ANY Republican as a maverick is pretty funny…I guess she does have a sense of humor….what?…she was serious?………

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vintage Lingerie: Bali in 1958

From Glamour, March, 1958
"Front-zippered Bali-"hi" puts you beautifully in fashion! Lacy embroidered nylon marquisette makes it lovlier, cups softly contoured with foam rubber makes it incredibly comfortable, and pre-shrunk dacron elastic makes it stay in pretty shape for a long, long time. In white or black, B and C cups; odd and even sizes 32 to 38. $18.50. Bali Brassiere Co., Inc. 393 Fifth Avenue, New York 16."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bra Review - Elila 1303 Softcup Bra

Elila is a newer lingerie manufacturer, one that specializes in full figure/full support bras. They also make panties but not shapewear. I was told that the founder of Elila is a member of the family that owned Goddess Bra, before they were acquired by Eveden. You can see some similarities, especially in this particular bra –the 1303, and the Goddess 386. What’s especially similar is the response to both products. The Goddess 386 has been around for years and is a very popular full figure bra, and this Elila soft cup receives positive feedback for comfort, fit and support. It has beautiful lace cups, which are supported with full slings underneath. The straps are a wide 7/8” and feature durable coated metal components. It comes in band sizes 36-50, cup sizes D-H. Three colors are available –Black, White and Nude. It has a MSRP of $31.00, which is a bargain, while we carry it for $26.99 –even more of a bargain.