Monday, June 30, 2008

Electric Guitar Orchestra

Caught EGO's acoustic duo, aka my son, Anthony and his friend Dennis at the Asa Grille again recently. The first time they played there was during a power outage, this last time they had electricity. I usually can't catch Anthony's shows because they start much too late for me -- 10PM! -- eegads! But his acoustic shows I can -- they start closer to 8 or 8:30 and these guys are talented. He may be my son, but Anthony is largely self-taught, plays guitar beautifully (both acoustic and electric, as well as the occasional piano, all by ear I might add), has a gorgeous, strong voice with a wonderful range and they have a great playlist. I am so proud of him (can you tell?). You can catch him and the rest of his band, the Electric Guitar Orchestra, on Wednesdays 10PM at the Roobar in downtown Hyannis for their electric shows. Otherwise for a mellower but still totally groovy rockin' classic experience, catch the acoustic duo on Saturdays 8:30PM at Asa Grille.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Pink Dress Vintage Update

We still have a sizable inventory of vintage dresses, skirts, jewelry and accessories, but we've decided rather than relaunch on a temporary basis, to instead insert these categories under the loungewear section of Brabarella. Not a perfect fit, but easier than having two separate web sites. We've added a few dresses already, more to come. There were many items that were on the site only a short time before we pulled the plug and went entirely lingerie last fall. We also have many items that never made it up on the site. Most prices have been reduced for clearance. Here are a few vintage dresses

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


No shipments showed up yesterday – an unusual event. It was getting late again today, and again no shipments. So I tracked down the UPS truck at a nearby department store to see what he had. I didn’t recognize the driver, but when I mentioned the name of our store, he said, “Oh yeah, your packages didn’t have an apartment number, so I sent them back. I told him that we weren’t an apartment and obviously didn’t have an apartment number, and that we usually receive several packages every day. He had a dumbfounded look and told me that I’d have to go to UPS to pick them up. I went to UPS and they didn’t have them but tracked them back to the driver I had just spoken to. They contacted him and told him that yes indeed the packages were on the truck. He argued with them when they told him to actually look in the truck. He finally did and yes, they were there. They told me that he was a new driver who was apparently going solo for the first time yesterday. But the story doesn’t end there. After being told that he would be coming by, I went back and waited. About an hour later, Patricia saw a UPS truck go flying by at ambulance speed. I decided I had better track him down before he screws up again. I drove around the corner and down the street and saw THREE UPS trucks parked on the side of the street with packages leaning against the trucks, some laying on people’s lawns, etc. Some people had come out of their houses to see what was going on. Apparently the rookie driver had some sort of a meltdown and these other two driver’s came to his rescue. When I got to the truck, one of the other drivers asked what I needed. When I said that I was looking for several shipments, he found them and said to the rookie in a reassuring voice “there you go, that’s 5 less boxes you have to deliver.” The rookie was somewhere in the back of the truck, silent. As I walked away, I heard the two experienced drivers trying to figure out what packages they could take to help him out. I was less pissed off after that. I was also impressed with the way the others came flying to his rescue. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat tomorrow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cape Escape

We had to get away for a bit so we took off Friday morning for the North Shore, namely Rockport. We did an overnight at a bed and breakfast called the Lantana House right in town. Nice B&B. We parked the truck and didn't get back to it until it was time to leave on Saturday. We love Rockport. It's Newburyport without the pretension, Cape Cod before it sold its soul. The center of town is full of little shops and art galleries. It's a town that is attractive to tourists but doesn't blatantly attempt to attract them. We ate at the Greenery, as we had last year. It overlooks the harbor and the famous fishing shack which is said to be the most drawn and photographed object on earth. You've probably seen it before in a picture, without knowing where it was from. Anyway, the food is good there and we'll no doubt go there again the next time we're in town. We left town on Saturday via Route 127A driving to Gloucester where we checked out some more artsy things and then on to Salem, home of The House of Seven Gables and of course, everything Wiccan. There's a lot to see there, so our next getaway will definitely be to Salem. Here are a few weekend pictures....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Break Time

Sometimes you just need to get away for a bit. Away from filling orders, placing orders, uploading, writing, answering the phone, etc. That's when Paticia and I will take off for an hour or so in the afternoon. Sometimes it's off to a place like the Sandwich boardwalk....

....other times just a quick walk to the end of the street and Nantucket Sound

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rainy Father's Day

I always look forward to the annual Father's Day Car Show in downtown Hyannis. It's always one of those events that never disappoints - until today. Rain! We managed to see a few cars (many car owners obviously didn't show up because of the weather) and took a few pictures. The first one is a 1956 Chrysler 300, one of the most powerful cars of it's day. The second is an Olds, also a '56 and the third is a '56 Chevy, probably a Belair, but I couldn't really stop to see. The last picture is of Main Street. If it had been even a reasonably nice day, it would have been about one person per square foot there....oh well, Happy Father's Day to all you fathers!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Tried finding the Farmer's Market on opening day this past week but it wasn't in the usual spot. The parking lot's torn up as they renovate the old Zayre building with a new facade. Thought it might be on the town green, but it wasn't there either and I didn't know where else to look. Turns out it was in a bank parking lot clear at the other end of town, not so great if you're walking on a hot day. So missed first day again this year. Last year we were in Baltimore. I was hoping to catch new faces there this year and may check it out next week if I get a chance. Otherwise, Sandwich is starting their farmer's market on Tuesday afternoons next week. I love Sandwich -- it is everything I'd want in a village -- tea room with excellent tea and scones (Beth's), Brown Jug food and wine shop (total charm and more gastric delights), cool art and energy and more.

But, back in Hyannis on Farmer's Market morn I did manage to find a very good Modigliani book at Tim's Used Books and some purple Havaianas at a Brazilian shop for half what they are in other places. And on my outing the next day I ran into Michele Kennedy, one of my favorite local artists, painting in her studio store. Little discoveries close to home can bring pure bliss.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Summer arrived here on the Cape today. As usual, it went from late winter/early spring weather to summer time. Two days ago we were wearing jackets, today, as little as possible. It hit 90 degrees. To stay cool Patricia and I went down to Woods Hole, where it was a comfortable 74 degrees. Woods Hole sits where Nantucket Sound meets Buzzards Bay, so there's water on two sides to keep things cool. We're not really beach persons, at least not in terms of planting ourselves in the sand. Beachcombing is fine. So we hung out at Coffee O for a while, strolled the streets, then headed to Falmouth for some window shopping. Falmouth is probably our favorite downtown on the cape, at least for shopping. We like Provincetown too, but the two towns are entirely different. P-town is just plain fun. If you're visiting Cape Cod this summer for the first time, check 'em both out. Mashpee Commons also, although some of the stores there you'll find elsewhere (Starbucks, Gap, Ann Taylor, etc). There are many nice smaller shops there too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Important Notice - Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our email service has been down today, so we have been unable to get back to customers to acknowledge orders. It should be fixed shortly. Meanwhile, the site is fine, as is the ordering process. Rest assured that we have received your orders and are processing them.