Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Been all over today – in Brabarella HQ doing inventory, new product searches, packing, web work and more…then to the eye doctor, credit union and Trader Joe’s – I am not a potato chip fan but I had to buy the Salt and Pepper Ridge Cut Chips after sampling them today – yummy!

Started watching the second season of Six Feet Under last night. I’m more of a reader and never watch TV but have been in the mood for “light” escape lately so picked it up at the library yesterday – along with my book on labyrinths and Tolle’s A New Earth – having a hard time getting into New Earth but between friends, sister-in-law, therapist and Oprah telling me I should read it, I’m giving it a try…I had read so many “New Age” books several years ago that I became fussier and fussier – after a while they all started sounding redundant to me...not many of the new ones have inspired me, but I do love some of the oldies I've read. Still, there may be something in it that will speak to me so I’ll plod through a bit more and see.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What's New

It's been a while since we talked about Brabarella. We recently added Montelle and Cosabella products, and more from those lines will be coming soon. Within the next two weeks we'll be adding bras from Aviana; shapewear from Body Wrap; and hosiery from Cette. After that we'll be adding hosiery from Falke, as well as much more. Even though we haven't hit summer yet, we are already planning for fall. We apologize for delays in some back-ordered products from Round the Clock and Cortland. In the case of the RTC's, it appears that the demand has far outpaced the production. We hope to get fully re-stocked soon.

We continue to add to our vintage lingerie lines with weekly updates. There's still a lot of inventory left from Little Pink Dress, so we'll probably temporarily revive that web site and list our remaining dresses, separates, jewelry and swimsuits. Vintage lingerie will continue to thrive and grow on Brabarella.

Brabarella is a specialty lingerie store. So if you're looking for a particular product but can't find it anywhere, give us a shout. Maybe we can find it. Many of our current product lines are the result of input from our customers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Anyone heard anything of Agathe from Stylebytes blog fame? She went away for weekend a few weeks ago and hasn't posted since. It's so unlike her -- hope she's just enjoying an extended vacation.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TrollBeads and Scandihoovians

A few weeks ago when I was in Amherst, I stopped into a luscious Scandinavian design shop called Scandihoovians. As it was close to closing (or so I thought), I stopped briefly at the counter to admire Troll Beads and chat with the owner. I was anxious to explore the large back room with its clothing and other sundries but on my way back through the front of the store I kept spying more and more yummy Scandinavian wares. I love the simplicity of form, bold use of color, pattern and sense of awareness of materials that is so present in Scandinavian work – it is just so, so, … clean and pure. Very similar to good Japanese design.

I started to take my time as I realized I had more time than I’d thought. I ended up looking through the Troll Beads with the other half of the very friendly couple who owns the store. I'm very fussy about jewelry, I believe part of the reason I am constantly returning to my superhero necklaces is because of their simple design, fabulous use of color and of course, the variety of glass, vintage and other beads. They are my rosary beads of sorts, very soothing to hold and wear. And I try to select colors or lines that are meaningful to me.

And so it is with the Troll Beads. The concept grew on me -- the endless design possibilities -- so many cast silver and gold beads symbolizing soul and fantasy -- and the Italian glass beads shimmering in so many jewel-toned colors with foil and bubbles and swirls...I like the idea of creating my own necklace or bracelet one piece at a time, selecting each piece for the personal meaning connected with it. I particularly like the fantasy necklace which can be worn a number of ways, as a lariat, a pendant and I thought as a wrap bracelet too but I could be mistaken. At any rate, it's something I'd like to start putting together during my daughter's college years to remind me of her time (and mine) in Amherst.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All in a Day's -- scratch that -- Moment's Work

There's a vintage children's book called "All in a Day's Work" that I used to read to my son when he was young. It was about an old Model T type car and the family it belonged to -- all in a day's work. A very sweet book but it must be in the attic and a brief internet search didn't turn up the results for the title I was looking for. Recently, Joe's handiwork in the backyard reminded me of this book, only in his case, it was probably more like all in a moment's work. We finally replaced our old kettle grill with a gas grill my mother no longer uses, and didn't move it far enough away from Joe's tie-out after a recent barbecue. Here is his handiwork:

Here is the culprit, after his day's -- er - moment's work...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

After the Rain

A favorite movie of mine is called Before the Rain -- generally I avoid dramas but occasionally a drama is so beautiful in the scope of its story that it is worth a bit of the pain I can feel watching it. Such was the case with Before the Rain, a story about Macedonia, civil war, brother against brother so to speak...a familiar story and always a sad one. But the cleansing power of rain does help to heal as tears help to heal...but that, alas, comes after the rain...